Shopify SEO: Why You should rock it in 2020!?

Shopify is one of the best ecommerce platform for you to set up an online retail (dropshipping) business. There are some great reasons why you should be using shopify. Because it is super quick and simple to use without any coding skills.

Why you have to invest in shopify SEO

 There are 2 trillion searches on google per day, and that number will only grow. ● İt is easier to convert that traffic into buying customers. 

● If you are not investing in shopify seo you are leaving so much money on the table. People are more likely to make a purchase if there are searching for your products.
Why choose shopify for SEO ?!
● Shopify has an extensive selection of built-in tools 

● Super easy backend administration 

● Flexible tailored for your special requirements 

● Fantastic Search engine optimization (seo) features 

● Easy to use dashboard, no coding skills required

Although It is a fast platform which will definitely help you to rank higher on the search results. But that does not mean you will lay back and just wait for things to happen. Definitely not !


12 important tips for your shopify SEO success
● Perform a killer keyword research for free.

 ● Get rid of duplicate content.

 ● Write a unique page title and meta descriptions for your page. 

● Shopify store image optimization. 

● Link your products page from the home page. 

● Technical Shopify SEO is a must. ● Add your sitemap.xml to Google Search Console 

● Google Analytics Integration. 

● Building top quality links to your shopify store. 

● Set up 301 redirects for your old product pages.

 ● Install one of the free Product Review Apps. 

● Start using blog feature on shopify platform

Perform a killer keyword research for free.
Keyword research is the most important part of shopify seo. Because it lets google know what your page is all about.
This does not mean your content should be filled with keywords. İf you use too many keywords.Search engines might penalize you for being spammy.

 Keyword research actually no brainer. it is super simple if you use right tools. 

Best free tools are Ubersuggest and Keyword surfer web extension
For more detailed info check out keyword tool blog

Keyword Research

● Get rid of duplicate content. 

Duplicate content is basically a piece of content(text) that completely matches copy on another
webpage.İt could be your own webpage that share same domain or completely another website. Google ranks web pages not websites !



Duplicate content could be a disaster for shopify seo if search engines like google,yahoo,or bing
finds it out (which it will).Even worse scenario would be if you have copied and pasted content
from another page you might get penalized for this.
Truth is many shopify stores have duplicate content and if you can fix it is going to have huge
impact on Shopify seo.
How do you find duplicate content on your site. Here is a list of tools you can use to find
duplicate content-
● siteliner.com
● copyscape.com
● duplichecker.com
● copywritely.com plagiarism-checker

     Google Content Guidelines describes duplicate content as:

“Duplicate content generally refers to substantive blocks of content within
or across domains that either completely match other content or are
appreciably similar. Mostly, this is not deceptive in origin. Examples of
non-malicious duplicate content could include:
● Discussion forums that can generate both regular and stripped-down
pages targeted at mobile devices.
● Store items are shown or linked via multiple distinct URLs.
● Printer-only versions of web pages.”

Now this does not mean your content shoud be 100% unique but pages with more than 80% similarities get recognised as duplicate content for search engines.

Check out SEMrush Site Audit bot Which will point out pages where the content between them is 80% similar .
Ways to fix external duplicate content.

So you have set canonicals and 301 redirects and you know some of your content might appear as duplicate content on a webpage you don’t own, then you have few options to fix the problem.
● Contact the site owner and ask them to change their content if you think they have copied you.You can use snov.io chrome extencion to find site owners contact information.
● Edit your text if you think you both have used same text from somewhere else like the manufacturer’s description.
● But if none of these work, the easiest way will be to write new content.



Ways to fix external duplicate content.

So you have set canonicals and 301 redirects and you know some of your content might appear as duplicate content on a webpage you don’t own, then you have few options to fix the problem.

● Contact the site owner and ask them to change their content if you think they have copied you.You can use snov.io chrome extencion to find site owners contact information.

● Edit your text if you think you both have used same text from somewhere else like the manufacturer’s description.

● But if none of these work, the easiest way will be to write new content

Write a unique page title and meta descriptions for your page.
Page title and meta description are One of the most important factor of shopify seo You should use your best keywords as page title and meta description. Whether it is a blog post or product page.

The unique meta description helps search engines understand what your page is all about. Because of this they will rank you higher on search results.

If you want to make your site as seo friendly as possible You have to write Title and description according to best practices. So your title should be around 60 characters While using 160 characters for the description

How to edit page title and meta description on shopify

Log in to your shopify store and go to Online Store > Preferences to edit your title and description

ezgif.com webp to jpg 1
ezgif.com webp to jpg

Bonus Tip: Stop using words like “the”, “an,” and “a” “or”, “but” “thus,” and if. This method works the best: Main keyword – secondary keyword | Brand/Blog name.

● Shopify store image optimization and commpressing
İmage optimization is necessary for Shopify seo for improving presence in google and other search engines. Alt tags have been the primary way for search engines to understand what images are all about for a long time.

All your images must have proper alt tags including relevant keywords. If someone is searching images for cat beds Your webpage images have a greater chance of ranking no 1 on image search results.

Now when it comes to image compressing You can use apps like crush pics , image optimizer and others
Shopify lets you use.
● JPEG or JPG 

● Progressive JPEG 

● PNG 

Image compression is important for seo and a necessity for faster loading web pages. When doing image optimization, make sure your images are an acceptable size and do not add too many images on a single page.

When doing image compression, you should consider the quality of the image too.

You although should consider accessibility. If buyer has vision trouble chances are they might use screen reader to navigate your webpage. These probably use alt tags to verbally describe to the user what the image is of. Better alt tag means higher the chances of making a sale.
So consider adding alt tags to all of your images .

screencapture www google com search 1594876490967

Some important key points:

● Add a unique alt tag.

● Keep alt tags short and describe image clearly.

● Don’t add alt tags for buttons or small images

● Do not use too many keywords 1 keyword is enough

To add alt text to Shopify, follow these steps:


1. Log in to your Shopify admin, click Products > All Products.

2. Click on the product name that you want to edit. 3. Hover over a product image and click the three dots, then Edit alt text.
4. Add or edit your alt text in the Image alt text box.

5. Click Save.

You have to link your product pages from the home page
Your home page is probably the center of your website.

Creating links to your product pages makes it a lot easier for visitors to navigate around the website

If you link to category pages (Which is a common mistake)You will make it harder for visitors to find important pages.

Bonus tip:
You should make your most important category pages reachable from top of the home page.

By doing this, you are making it easier to find products for visitors. Although make sure you have included search bar.

Technical shopify seo is a must

Technical seo basically means seo optimization that does not include the content.
● Connecting google analytics to your store.Check out this video for more

● Connecting google search console to your site and verifying your ownership.Check out this video for more info
● Checking robots.txt file so bots can crawl your site.

● Use of heading tags (H1, H2, H3, and so on).

● Application of canonical tags and domain canonicalization

● Validating HTML and CSS

● Correcting crawl errors and redirect problems

● Using tools like GTMetrix and Google’s PageSpeed Insights to analyze the site’s speed on all devices. The SEMrush Site Audit bot will also give a breakdown of speed performance.
● Making sure of the site has a sitemap.xml file and adding the sitemap.xml to Google Search Console .

process seo audit en

Add Your Sitemap.xml to Google Search Console
If you want google crawl every page of your website ( so google can rank it ).

If your page does not have any internal links This makes it harder for google to crawl that page.

XML sitemap lists a website’s important pages, making sure google can find them all although helping google understand your website structure.
How to Submit the Sitemap to Google Search Console Super easy way!
1. Sing in to Google search console

2. Click on the website URL.

3. On the left, click on the sitemap and Add/Test Sitemap.

ezgif.com webp to jpg 2

Google analytic integration.
Wouldn’t it be great if you knew what visitor do on your site. It is super easy to do. Yo just need to use tool from google Analytics.

Google analytics integration is a must if you want to track your website performance. It is completely free and it lets you analyze how people are behaving on your site.It is pretty easy to learn even a beginner can understand. 

You can although know how much time visitors spend time on each page.

To start using analytics by going TO Shopify Admin > Online Store > Preferences and paste your tracking id into the google analytics account field.

ezgif.com webp to jpg 1 1

Bonus tip: Always add the Universal Analytics code, which is the latest version of Google Analytics.

Build top quality Backlinks to your Shopify store
If you want to increase the number of visitors coming to your website, high quality backlinks are the way to go, this will although give your shopify SEO boost.
The best way to build links to your shopify site is by creating a profile of your site on yelp , amazon and other similar websites. Because these sites are higy authority these links will give you a sweet SEO boost.


Although Have read of this guide on link-building techniques for engagement and check out how to use the SEMrush Link Building tool .

Set up 301 redirects for your old product pages.
So, if your product gets out of the stock and you want to tell the search engines 301 redirect is the best solution.

What is 301 redirect?

301 redirect automatically sends visitors and search engine crawlers away from the site to another page automatically. İt is a great way for dealing with a URL that no longer exists or that you don’t want people to visit anymore . It is a lot better to send visitors to another useful page than seeing ‘404 page not found’
If you are not going to include an item in the store anymore. Without setting up a 301 page some potential customers might drop.
That is why you should lead visitors to another page and you should create a URL redirect from your shopify admin.
Add redirects on shopify
1. Head to Online Store > Navigation > URL Redirects.

2. Add URL redirect

3. Write the old URL in Redirect from and the new URL in Redirect to.

4. Click add

Note that if the URL you are directing from still has a web page, you need to remove the page for the redirect to work.

When to Use 301 redirection:
1. When website pages/products are removed/moving to a new location and goes out of stock.

2. Domains that are permanently moved.

3. If there are 404 pages and expired content.

ezgif.com webp to jpg 2 1

Download free product review app
There are plenty of product review apps out there for shopify.

You can choose free and paid options, and the Shopify help center provides a good stepping-off point into the world of apps for your site .

They although add functionality of helping customers decide.
Shopify Product Reviews is a free app to engage with customers and get reviews to make more sales.

Main benefits of Shopify review app.

● Huge potential to increase your sales

● Can add your product review scores to your Google search listings


Leverage blogging feature on shopify
At the end of the day you should provide value for your customers.

Thatis why blogging is a great feature within shopify. Your blog can drive a lot more quality traffic to your store. If you can provide some information, value and engage with them your customers are more likely to buy from you.
Content is king it is important to provide potential customers with value Because-

● Search engines have tendency to rank frequently updated sites

● Providing customers with useful content is a great way to build relationships with customers.

● It is helpful for search engines understand what your site is all about. 

● Your posts has chance of ranking which boosts your traffic and conversions

Check out how to add to and edit your blog on the Shopify platform . It thought covers how to usu mobile app
İf you don’t know what type of content you shoud put out
Keyword research is a useful way to learn about what your customers are searching online and learn about what type of problems they have. Probably bet tool for the job is the Ubersuggest it although shows content ideas.


And check out how the SEMrush Content Marketing Platform can help you With your content.

screencapture app neilpatel com en ubersuggest overview 1594880661211


At the end of the day it is You that should put in the work if you want to Get more sales. If you will apply these tips you will be ahead of your competitors (Really few Shopify shops invest in shopify seo) But if you can do these simple steps you will be ahead of your competitors.
Best marketing is being there when customers need it.

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