Pinterest marketing: Rock pinterest for ecommmerce

If you are looking to master one special social media platform that can drive non-stop sales Pinterest is the way to go. Unlike instagram you can link your pins to your website. Pinterest although has 335 million+ daily users which is huge.

Pinterest Marketing in 2020: What It Is & How to Do It

It is a must if you are one of the most popular niches on Pinterest. It is crazy that 84% of people decide what to buy on Pinterest. Which  means it is a total goldmine.

Pinterest is like a social media platform with a search engine attached to it. And compared to other social media platforms, your posts (pins) have a lot longer lifespan compared to other social media channels. Which is great, so your old pins still can drive traffic and sales.

Who uses Pinterest ?

71% of Pinterest users are actually women. So you are lucky if your target audience is made up of  females. And the rest of users as you guess are males (29%).

What is the difference between instagram vs Pinterest?

Instagram vs Pinterest: Which is Best for Your Business? - Solomo Media Blog

Actually these platforms are really different, knowing the difference can save you a lot of problems and headaches.

But there are some similarities too-

Both social platforms are visual. That is why it is great we as humans process images a lot faster than texts. 60,000 times faster to be exact. And 90% of information transmitted to our brain is visual. 

But in order to get the most out of these for your business, you need to understand these visual tools.

Instagram is more about sharing photos and Pinterest is more about visual content curation.


Now, this is crucial for businesses because you need to get traffic to your website.

Instagram does not let you link your posts to your website which is not so good for traffic. You only can have 1 link on your bio.

Pinterest on the other hand you can link your posts to your website or product page.Which happens to be awesome. 

Products | Pinterest Newsroom


Instagram is a lot more conversational compared to pinterest. Which means it is a lt more easier to engage with your audience on instagram thanks to comments and DM’s.

Pinterest does not have comments.or DM feature so it is less engageable.


How to Use Storytelling on Social Media to Strengthen Your Brand? |

Storytelling is the oldest tool to communicate with another human beings . Storytelling is soo damn engaging that you should be using for your business.

On pinterest you can do this by strategically using themed boards. It is a great way to engage with your audience. Using contest and promotion can be a great is you integrate it with your storytelling.

Instagram on the other hand, is kind of different users want to engage with their brands and have good time overall it is about having a unique way of communicating.

Pinterest tips for ecommerce

  1. Pin more often 

Perhaps this is no brainer. The more you pin the higher the chance of getting eyeballs on you.

According to buffer they have gone from pinning twice a day to pinning 10 times a day.And the results were crazy, they have seen 150% more engagement.

And according to courtney research the best pinning frequency is between 5 and 30 pins a day.

But before you start pinning consider to- 

Scheduling  pins which will make your work a lot more easier. You can take your time to create content and by scheduling your pins you don’t need to go back to pinterest even if you forgot to pin by scheduling pins will be out there. Now there is a ton of scheduling tools out there you can use like Buffer or Hootsuite.

2.Rich pins

Ric pins are great Pinterest future to help you to create more detailed pins overall. It is kind of similar to Twitter cards and Facebook open graph. They are designed to make Pinterest experience better. But it does not make not all rich pins equal.

  • Article pins include headline, author, story description and a link
  • Product pins include price, availability, and where to buy
  • Recipe pins made up of serving info, ingredients, cooking times.
  • Place pins include address, phone number and location
  • Movie pins include rating, cast members and reviews

3.Perfect visuals

You know that nothing grabs most attention than visuals so you go to Canva and start pumping out some pictures for Pinterest. You can find Pinterest dimensions and awesome templates for your pins

Free Pinterest Templates for Canva — Doorpost Designs

4.Descriptions matter

Did you know Pinterest is although a search engine? ( you probably did ).

That is why You need a proper keyword rich description. But don’t start stuffing keywords

Here are some tips you can use-

  • Include your business name in the first sentence of description. This results in a 54% higher conversion rate for email sing-ups.
  • Use clear, actionable and strong call to action. This can Increase email sing-ups by 70% and sales by 6%
  • Add prices of your products this will increase sales by 28%

5.Mosaic visuals

Have you seen mosaic visuals on Pinterest? 

Sometimes they can be useful for some type of businesses like quick how to guides and DIY posts. But you really use them for anything you wish.

And Canva makes it easy for you again.

6.Use texts on your visuals

Many pins you will see have texts on the visuals. This is for a reason it makes a lot faster to understand what your pin is all about.

Now, this is actually easy to do with Canva. They have a ton of templates that can help you with that.

7.Pin it for later

This is something like “ read it later “ feature. 

When you share a new blog post on social media like pinterest, people can save it to read it later.  This will make it easier for your audience to catch up with your content.

The idea is that, The readers will add your pin to one of their boards and return to your content whey they want to interact with your content.

Publish a blog post and in an image from article to a board then copy the url of the pin

Find more about it here

8.Keyword rich boards

It really makes a difference to have a keyword rich title and description of your title.

Unlike other social media channels keywords happen to be important part of pinterest marketing.

By doing this you will get a lot more impressions for your pins.

Quick tips

  1. Categorized boards

This will make your pins easky seeen by people and can result in more traffic and sales.

Pinterest SEO in 2020: How to Optimize Your Pins for the Changes
  1. Group boards

Leverage PinGroupie to find popular group boards.

How to Find the Perfect Group Boards on Pinterest {3 Killer Strategies!} -  Brilliant Business Moms
  1. No border policy

Don’t add borders to your pins like rounded corners.

  1. Verify your website

You are more likely to succeed on pinterest by verifying your website

  1. Link Pinterest to facebook and twitter

This can help your audience to engage with you a lot easier

  1. Add logo 

Adding a logo to bottom left or top right of your images will help you to shape your brand

  1. Check out Analytics regularly

Pinterest analytics can be a great eye opener for you.

A Simple Guide to Using Pinterest Analytics (Includes 5 Tools)

Here is a great advice from Pinterest itself:

“Don’t just show people your hiking boots, show them what kinds of things you can do with your hiking boots”

Is Pinterest good for ecommerce?

Pinterest happens to be one of the best platforms to market your ecommerce business. It is crayzy that pinterest has over 335 million daily users and 85% of users decide what to buy on the platform.

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