Choose best product for your ecommerce business

Choose the best products for your ecommerce store

Choosing an ecommerce product is kinda like dating. You are excited the first time but later on you might decide that wasn’t a great idea. 

If you choose right products from the beginning it is going to save you from a lot of frustration and time. Not to mention money!

Fortunately to find the one you don’t need to waste time and too much and effort To find the best products for your store.

With the tips we are going to share with you you can decide best products for your store.

Tips we are about to share with you are actionable so you can take action quickly.


Embrace your passion

 While a niche process prefer going with your passion. No it is not a recipe for disaster in this case because since You already know the niche and can choose best products for the niche.

Founders market fit matters because building such a business can be a lot more than hard work. And you will be a lot better equipped to stay motivated to overcome hard times if you are 

Really interested in what you are selling.

Solve customer pain point

Solving customer problems is always going to be the best business model. If you Have already created your buyer persona et is going to be easy for you.

Incase you did not write your buyer persona here is a guide for you-

  • Write down basic information about them

Think you personas as an actual person give them a name and a photo.


Jake is a 25 year-old professional who lives in an urban area and works in the tech sector. He’s bored with his current job and aspires to start his own software startup.

  • Demographics      

 Demographics help you create  more accurate picture of your customer

For example 45 year old doctors in new york doesn’t have the same needs as 25 year old musician in toronto. 

Both of these individuals have different needs and problems. This information doesn’t solve everything But it gives useful information about your potential customer.

  • Mindset

This section helps you understand what goes on your customers’ head;what they think about, What are their fears, what solutions do they crave?

Write down everything you learned about customer they will be helpful later on

  • Show results 

“People don’t buy your product they buy better versions of themselves”

Your job as a marketer is to help customers transition themselves from before stage to after stage.

So, you need to know what these stages look like. These will help you create copy, images

  • Journey

Evry ecommerce customer takes a journey First they became aware of the problem, they consider potential products and they decide one product over another

This journey can take a day or a month depending on the customer. In some cases it can happen instantly but it happens.

  • Triggers

Trigger is an even that motivates customers to move down the sales journey

There are three types of triggers: Internal , external , seasonal.

Internal feelings

 is thoughts, feelings, desires, insecurities, discomfort etc.

 External trigger-” My car broke down “

Seasonal trigger- Winter is coming, I need gloves

  • Language

Your customers might use words and phrases unique for a particular group of people.

As an example- emojis , latin phrases, technical phrases etc.

  • Communities 

 Best place to engage with your customers Is somewhere they feel safe and comfortable.

For example, best places to engage with dog owners might be pet shop and dog parks not to forget online communities.

  • Other 

 Purpose of buyer persona is to learn more about your customers so don’t limit yourself  with steps above. Note everything you think is relevant to your audience.


ecommerce customer pain points title

Target enthusiastic people

When consumers are passionate about a particular trade or hobby they are more likely to invest in money to get exactly what they want.

This willingness to pay can be a good qualifier for choosing your niche.

There are whole list of hobbies to choose as a niche.

Other benefits of choosing one of  these niches can be higher levels of engagement and loyalty of your customers.


Sole bicycles 

Sole bicycles design and sell products for their audience to represent their style and personality.

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Do keyword research

It is no secret that organic traffic from search engines are important. Looking for keyword opportunities means strategically choosing products based on their search volume.


This approach can be a little bit technical and might require some keyword research and SEO skills.


The advantage of choosing products based on their demand might be an effective way to capture consistent traffic from search engines.

ecommerce trends 20181

Learn what is trending


Jumping on new trends as early as possible can be a significant win for every business.


But the key is knowing the difference between trend and fad.


Though some consider the term trend equivalent to fad, a fad is generally considered a quick and short behavior whereas a trend is one that evolves into a long term or even permanent change.


As example :


Knoxlabs were early on market with their cardboard VR headsets. And the business was able to ömake 3$ million in sales.


Google trends is a great tool to find out trends’ popularity overtime.

Trend hunter is although a great tool to learn about trends popularity

Go with what you already have

Before even you start mining the depths of the internet, It might be the best to go with the ideas that you already have.

It could be idea that you had for years back of your head.

Even you thought that it was a bad idea consider taking a fresh look at it

Consider these questions when making your list of internet business ideas:

  • What products, niches or industry are you particularly passionate about or interested in?
  • What products, niches or industries are people around you passionate about?
  • What pain points and problems do you have in your own life that you need to solve?
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Read customer reviews

Customer reviews are something you must check out about your products.

Customers share their honest opinions about products all the time at the review section This is an opportunity for you to learn about your customers pain points and solving them will give you advantage over your competitors.

If you are not sure about niche or product type to explore then consider sticking to certain demographics to lean towards.

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Audience surveys


Surveys are the best way to learn about your audience’s problems, needs. Ask questions about the challenges What products they buy and what are they waiting from you

Keep in mind to use open ended questions that will lead to your audience’s thoughts.

There are lots of tools out there to create amazing survey like – SurveyMonkey, Google Surveys , Surveygizmo , Zoho Survey etc.


Social forum communities


Reddit is the largest social media news aggregator out there. The front page of internet is enormously influential. In reddits subreddits you can find some business ideas.

If you have an idea for certain niche you have to do research on reddit. Thre are ton of subreddits that are packed with ideas.

Buyitforife Is durable, Quality made products that are built to last.

Shut Up And Take My Money Interesting smart and useful products that people want. badly.

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This is like surveys but when it comes to crowdsourcing You are asking for ideas more openly. Lego ideas is the best example of a company using crowdsourcing. With this approach consumers submit their Lego set ideas. 

Creating your own crowdsourcing ideas will make it a lot more clear to know what you want to sell.

There are some tools to help you start your own crows-dsourcing ideas like – InnoCentive , Chaordix, IdeaConnection .

Product discovery sites

Product discovery sites are an amazing opportunity Porproduct ideas. These sites are great ways to discover new product trends daily. 

Here are examlpes of these sites – Uncrate, AHALife, Bless This Stuff, Cool Material.

B2B marketplace features 750x440 1

B2B marketplaces

It is best to get products right from the source. This has been too popular for ecommerce entrepreneurs and the list would not be complete without it.

These sites give you hundreds of product ideas in no time. It is, although easy to get overwhelmed by hundreds of product ideas.

Alibaba is one of the biggest ecommerce companies out there. The platform  connects hundreds of customers all around the world with wholesalers and manufacturers.

With thousands of products there aren’t much things you can’t find in alibaba.

Oberlo is a marketplace owned by shopify where you can find great products to sell. Suppliers provide automated order fulfillment services.

Some other B2B Wholesale marketplaces include: TradeKey, Global Sources, Made-in-China, Wholesale Central.


Leverage commerce inspector


Commerce inspector is a great chrome extension. Basically, it spies on any ecommerce website and reveals their secrets.

When you visit to any ecommerce website, commerce inspector will light up.

Clicking on the icon will show you a plethora of competitive insights to allow you to monitor the competition and follow current trends.

Commerce inspector is an extension you must check out.

China is not the only option

 If you are only searching for the chinese manufacturers you might not be able to find what you wanted.

Good news is that sites like alibaba have manufacturers from oll around the world 

So You can make sure to find products to suit your audience’s needs


Social media hashtags

Hashtags could be a goldmine for ecommerce stores. There are although a great way to market your products.

Search your niche hashtags  to see what is trendingand selling

Try litmus test

You only know the true value of a product when money changes hands, so you cant be 100% sure about something until people pull out their credit cart.

Sure, there are some factors that will determine the success of your campaign. But any level of initial traction says something. You may, at the very least, want to consider investing further in your idea.

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