Email Marketing: Ultimate 13 steps to Rock and Roll

Email marketing is definitely one of the most effective marketing type out there. An email list of your audience is one of the most important asset for your business.

Because one day in case social media platforms shut down and you definitely don’t want to lose all the connection with your audience.

And email marketing is far from dead even in 2020 studies show ROI of 4,400% 

It is although a tremendous opportunity for you since most people check their emails regularly. Basically email marketing is a great way to generate leads, build relationships and engage with your audience Not to mention offering new products, discounts and so on…

To make sure your visitors are coming back to your site regularly, you need their email that is why you need to start collecting emails as early on as possible.

Getting started

1.Choose an email marketing platform

When it comes to choosing an email marketing softwares for ecommerce you my friend have options

Here is a list of top email marketing softwares-

  1. Mailchimp

Mailchimp was founded back in 2001 it had seen some incredible growth over the yearsWhile company is l-known for quirky ad campaigns it is although a great software for anyone like you who wants to implement email marketing campaigns to their ecommerce business.

But it is not all sunshine and rainbows, here are pros and cons

Pro- building email list

Pro- contact list managing

Pro- Segmented/targeted promotional emails

Con- templates

Con- customization of data fields

Con- stronger integrations with CRMs like hubspot

  1. Omnisend

Omnisend lets you send emails up to 2000 with free plan. Omnisends mission is all about ecommerce businesses Might be good choice for you.

And a lot more…

  1. Constant contact
  2. Moosend
  3. SendinBlue
  4. Pabbly email marketing
  5. Campaign monitor
  6. Icontact
  7. AWeber
  8. Activecampaign

2.Start collecting emails

Now you have choose which one to use it is time to collect all the emails.You can use pop ups and sing-up forums to collect the emails of your visitors. There are a lot of ways to add sing-up forums and popups to your site a simple google or youtube  search will give you a ton of results about it.

Convertful is my favorite when it comes to e-mail sing-up forums. Not only you can design beautiful sing up forums easly it is pretty easy to add it to your website and you don’t need to mess with any code plus you can add forms to anywhere on your site.

Giving a pdf or something in exchange for visitors ‘ email address is a good way to collect emails from your visitors.

Types of emails

Not all emails are created equally You should not only send sales pitches to your subscribers.

1.Welcome email

Remember your goal with email marketing is to engage with your customers not filling their inbox with sales pitches.

The success of your email marketing efforts depends on customer onboarding flow and everything starts first touches like welcome email.

Welcome email is the first impression that a brand can make (So make sure to not mess it up).

And we have some interesting statistics about welcome email like-

  • Visitors who receive welcome emails likely to show 33% more engagement with brand
  • 76% of visitors expect welcome email after subscribing
  • Average open rate of welcome emails is 50% which is 86% more effective than standard email newsletters

2.Curation email

Before a business dives into creating curated newsletter. They should have a solid understanding of what an email newsletter is. An email newsletter is an email that is sent out to inform your customers about warriors topics like latest news, tips, product updates and launches, important dates.

These emails cover general topics and you can schedule to send them monthly, weekly even daily.

Starting an email newsletters is  not that difficult especially if you have built email list of your visitors.

Now when it comes to curated emails it is important to know what does it mean to curate.

According to google curate means- “select, organize, and present (online content, merchandise, information, etc.), typically using professional or expert knowledge.”

So curated newsletter is the one that aggregates interesting and popular content around specific subject.

Word writing text Curate Collect Organize Present. Business concept for Pulling out Organization Curation Presenting Computer receiving emails important messages envelopes with papers virtual

There are  some good reasons to send curated emails to your audience like-

  • Staying on top of mind of your audience
  • Building meaningful relationship
  • Sharing interested findings an resources

Learning more about curated emails will although give a huge advantage over your competitors

3.Engagement emails

Every day a whopping number of emails hit your customers inboxes. There are so much competition for eyeballs of people. It is inevitable that some of your subscribers  will lose interest and push unsubscribe. 

It may not seem like big deal at first but when great percentage of your audience stops engaging te more risk of your business losing revenue. According to marketing Sherpo reports marketer lose 25% of their email list every year. 

That is why list retention should be an important part of your email marketing strategy.

When you are writing engagement emails you should address 2 things first-

  • Find out the reason that your audience is becoming inactive.
  • Find out what what it takes to meet their needs.

4.Referral emails

Remember the last email you received by a business. Did you make it all the way before hitting delete? 

Chances are you spend time and read it all from beginning to end. This is the exact reaction you want from your customers and lucky for you you can achieve that goal with well timed referral email.

Learn how to write a great referral emails here

5.Discount email

Everybody loves discounts that is no secret I guess. But sending a discount email sometimes can be tricky.

On the other hand you want to increase sales and revenue or get more clients.

On the other hand you don’t want to cheapen your products And sending so many discount emails can make your audience turn their heads away forever.

It is such a fine balance that you need to find.

You can learn more about discount emails at millo.co

6.Cart abandonment email

Cart abandonment is an inevitable nightmare of ecommerce businesses. 76.6% of people leave items before completing the purchase. That is a lot of potential revenue lost. But that is not something that stop you from rocking your business like boss.

Here is the truth, although you can’t avoid cart abandonment by 100% but there are some things that reduce that amount.

With help of cart abandonment emails you can remind your users to complete their purchase.

Here are 11 abandoned cart examples for you.

  • Using Low-commitment CTAs

Your most important call to action in your email is asking visitors to complete their purchase.

But you shouldn’t forget that how you phrase the CTA has a big impact on your emails being effective. Not all users will complete their cart buy if you write good copt that is persuasive enough you can get most out of it.

  • Using sacristy

Scarcity is a powerful psychological trigger for any marketing message. When used right you can sell to your users a lot easier.

Reminding your users that they risk missing the products that they left in their cart.

This is especially effective when positioned next to the Call-to-action

  • Stay specific

People can forget tins time to time we are human after all. That is why one of the best abandonment emails is those which remind customers what they left in their cart.

Showing people the forgotten item personalized email and reminding them what they are potentially missing out.

  • Include product photos in your mail to remind people what they forgot.
  • If it aligns with your brands voice use some humor
  • Keep it simple, make it happen

It is although important to not to overload users with too much information.

You don’t need to write 1000 word email to get customer moving simple and short email can get the job done

  • Stay true to your brand

Today’s customers require transparency and authenticity. So, To build stronger relationships consider including company values in your emails.

Of course your values are evident in everything you do. But reminding your customers what you stand for in your emails might motivate your customers to take an extra step.

  • Be personal

Since 94% of brands say how critical is the email personalization to their success it is no surprise you are reading this paragraph here. 

Abandoned cart emails are personal to a some degree ( especially if you include images of the product in it ) But you can take it one step further.

This email looks like an email that you would receive from a friend.

  • Offer support

There are many reasons people leave items in their cart. You can’t address oll of it in a single email.

Adding your contact info to email you can invite the prospect to reach out to you and overcome their problems on the phone.

  • Give a discount

Everybody loves discounts. With this in mind you can offer discounts to only your subscribers.

Marby your products are more expensive than visitors thought.

That is why offering a discount might push customer to complete the purchase.

  • Tempt with related products

In some cases offering an alternative to what is left in can give you a second chance to make a sale.

  • Donating to charity

A lot of businesses have incorporated charity donations into their business.

And it is no surprise that it works

  • Order confirmation email

The order confirmation email is a transactional email that you send to inform your customers.

These emails are sent immediately after the purchase to clear the customers confusion that comes with online shopping.

Some customers can think that they have been scammed if they do not receive an order confirmation email and you definitely don’t want that to happen.

Confirmation emails should clear away all anxiety that comes with online shopping

Confirmation emails have the most open rate of 70%

Order confirmation email design differ from business to business

There is not a universal structure that every business should follow.With this kind of freedom you can be creative with your emails.

But there’s things you must include in your order confirmation email.

Greet your buyer. Just like in real physical stores  you should show gratitude to make visitors feel welcomed. You can use something as simple as “Thanks for shopping with us, hope to see you again.”

7.Order confirmation email

The order confirmation email is a transactional email that you send to inform your customers.

These emails are sent immediately after the purchase to clear the customers confusion that comes with online shopping.

Some customers can think that they have been scammed if they do not receive an order confirmation email and you definitely don’t want that to happen.

Confirmation emails should clear away all anxiety that comes with online shopping

Confirmation emails have the most open rate of 70%

Order confirmation email design differ from business to business

There is not a universal structure that every business should follow.With this kind of freedom you can be creative with your emails.

But there’s things you must include in your order confirmation email.

8.Upsell email

Asking for a bigger sale might be tough at times but as McDonald’s proved it repeatedly that upselling works. Sometimes all you have to do is ask.

An email is an amazing opportunity for asking upselling.

How does a good upselling email look like? Let’s dive in.

9.Win-back email

Every year one in four of your email subscribers decide to unsubscribe from your list.

There is nothing worse than seeing hard-won customers going away, especially 40% of your revenue comes from your subscriber list. 

You thought you had a good time together while they were thinking the opposite ( ok, I will not be too dramatic about it )

But it is never too late to win your subscribers interest again.

What is a win back email?

A win back email campaign is a series of targeted and personalized emails to win your audience’s attention back.

But why should you care about a customer who ignores your emails in the first place?

Your loyal customers are:

  • Four times more likely to recommend you to other people.
  • Five times more likely to buy from you again.
  • Seven times more likely to try your new products

How about this? 45% of your customers that get win back emails wil be a lot more likely to open your future emails.

5 types of win back emails-

  • Just remind people that you exist a simple “hello will get people to interact with your message again.
  • If hello was not enough, Motivating your customers might be the best thing you can do to win your consumers back.
  • People like when being listened for their opinions, even if they don’t buy you can get some valuable information.
  • Give a last chance to your customers by telling them that you will unsubscribe them if the don’t respond.
  • Just unsubscribe them and let them know, maybe they will want to come back

Learn more about win back emails

10.Survey email

So you have heard that, surveys are good for ROI and better customer experience. You have put in the hours to craft carefully targeted questions and set clear goals. Now the question is how do you actually respond to the surveys that you worked so hard on ?

The secret to getting a sympathetic response to your emails. An invitation to for taking the survey might seem like minor detail but it is but it is the deciding factor for 

There are few ways to increase the open rate of your emails like-

  • No spam

If you want people to see your emails you have to avoid spam folder. So how do you avoid spam folders ?

  1. Write interesting subject line for your subscribers
  2. Don’t write too long email and include alt text for your images
  • What is in it for them

I want you to answer one specific question “why should people open your email and take that survey”. What kind of value do you provide to your subscribes, when you can answer this question you can see your open rates increase.

  • Don’t say you are impressive

Some businesses do this like “We are the market leader and we provide quality service. We can do even better…”. Sorry, but nobody gives a sh*t about your business. Ask yourself woud you had opened that kind of email? Probably no

Just include what is in it for them.

  • How long will it take

People nowadays are quite busy whether they are watching youtube or getting work done. Showing how long the survey is likely to take might be enough to encourage your subscribers to get the survey done.

  • Keep it simple

Other important part is to get people to survey as fast as possible before they lose interest. Try to keek your email as short and sweet as possible.

  • Include survey link

This might sound obvious but bake sure to include a survey link as a clear call to action. Some businesses use image for the survey link, but the problem with this is that most email clients hide the images so make sure to include link.

  • Add signature

People want to see emails from real people not by robots. That is why you always should include signature of a real person

  • Integrate first questions to email

It is possible to integrate your surveys first question to email with MyFeelBack which increases response rates of your emails.

11.Thank you email

If you want to convert your subscribers to paying loyal customers you will have to connect with them at a deeper level. Thank you emails are a great way to built relationships wirth your subscribers

Expressing thanks shows people how much you care and appreciate your customers time and effort.

Learning more about Thank you emails will give you a better understanding.

  • Include testimonials and reviews

How do you build trust with your customers? I don’t know you but including short testimonials in your emails is a great way to turn subscribers to loyal customers

To make your emails better leverage your reviews as customer generated content.

79% of people say that user generated content highly impact their purchase decisions so make sure you use them.

Learn more about email testimonials.

We are alredy here ladies and gentlmen if you like this post or have any suggestiong comment down below.

Email marketing for ecommerce FAQ

What is E Commerce Email?

Ecommerce email is sent out to subscribers for engaging with audience, making an announcement and making a sale. There are alot more types of ecommerce emails fore diffrend purposes

What are the 4 types of marketing emails?

There are a lot more types of ecommerce emails for diffrent purposes but here are most important 4.

1.Engagement emails
2.Referral emails
3.Discount email
4.Cart abandonment email

How do I email market on Shopify?

Firrst thing you will need is email marketing software like Mailchimp, constant contact and omnisend. Then integrate with shopify and add sing-up forums to collect emails of your visitors so you can market to them

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