Ecommerce Facebook ads: 16 tips to rock and roll

Nowadays ecommerce Facebook ads is really a popular option for ecommerce businesses.

Social media sites do their best to evolve to personalize what users are seeing at their feed.

But from an ecommerce business perspective, It is a lot harder to target the people organically in their feed.

What is required from you is to use ads. Especially Facebook ads happens to be  the best option.
Buy instead throwing some money and not seeing any results you better use some amazing tips that will help you to get more out of your Facebook ad campaigns

1.Use amazing visuals

People want to see visuals on their social media. You almost have no chance to being noticed with plain text ads. That is why you need amazing looking visuals,

Not good, not average, but amazing!

So how on earth will you be able to get these awesome visuals? It is simple you just go to Canva and start creating amazing visuals.

They Although offer a ton of dimensions for each social media site.

Of course there are a ton of other amazing visual creators like Snappa and Pablo but Canva just happens to be the best one. Choice is yours.

Canva has a premium trial too, which contains a lot more templates and other goodness

When you are in Canva, you will notice that there are lots of great templates you can apply to. The thing is that nowadays a lot of people use same templates. What I would recommend is to change those templates a little like use different colours, maybe your own brand colours.

Using great visuals on your ads will definitely increase the chances of your business being noticed and liked potentially conversions.

HubSpot and Canva Team Up to Bring Beautiful Marketing to Businesses  Everywhere

3.Leverage Facebook pixel

If you want to get most out of your Facebook ads campaigns, you should be using Facebook pixel on your website.

what is facebook pixel | Social media marketing agency

What is Facebook pixel ?

Facebook pixel is a code that you place on your website. It is responsible for collecting visitors data and track conversion rate of your Facebook ad campaigns, optimizing your ad campaigns and building targeted audiences for future ad campaigns.

 It although can remarket to people who have already taken action on your website.

Facebook pixel works by placing and triggering cookies to track users as they continue to interact with your website and your Facebook ads.

Take notice that they used to be few different types of Facebook pixel like-

  • Facebook conversion pixel
  • Facebook custom audience pixel

But Facebook decided to discontinue the conversion tracking pixel in 2017 so if you were using Facebook conversion pixel. Here is a Facebook business help article for you to switch and another article for switching audience pixel.

Why Facebook pixel?

Facebook pixel is a great tool opens doors of the gold mine of information about your audience. Facebook pixel ensures that your ads are seen by the people who are most likely to take desired action which means it is going to increase conversion rates.

Even you are not using Facebook ad yet you should set up Facebook pixel before you run ads so  it will start collecting data right away so you won’t have to start from scratch when you create your first ad campaign.

Here is a guide to add Facebook pixel to shopify.

Although here are some tips to get most out of Facebook pixel.

  • Facebook business page
  1. Go to Facebook and create a business page. You will need to log in from your personal account but no worries about your personal info will not appear on your business page.
  2. Choose your business type- Business/brand or Community/public figure
  3. Enter your business details
  • Brand images
Turning a Startup into a Brand” – Orly Zeewy

Upload your brand logo and cover photo. You can create cover photo and logo that fits perfectly with Canva

  • Complete page info
  1. Edit page info and write clear description around 255 characters
  2. Put your contact info for people to reach you including your website
  • Facebook username

It is not hard to choose username But it is strongly encouraged that your username should be same as your domain so people can recognise you a lot easier.

  • Add call to action

Call to action buttons are an essential part of your success with Facebook. Adding call to action button will increase your success.

How to change a Facebook Page call-to-action button | Blueocto Ltd
  • Facebook page settings

Your Facebook page setting will show personalized content, so you choose what people  see on your page whic helps increasing conversions

3.Target right people

Throwing money to ads and expecting great results is not guaranteed but you can increase chances of success by targeting right people.

How to Use Facebook Ads Manager to Run Targeted Ads - Animoto

People absolutely hate to see an ad in their feed that is irrelevant to them this even coud damage your brand.

This is where you should check out your buyer persona. 

There are a lot more tips for targeting, but here are the most basic ones.

  1. Start with basic demographics 

When you are setting up a Facebook ad you will have to choose location not to mention age and

 gender and this is just the basics which will target too many people- That is why you may want to tap into some advanced options.

Facebook although offers free courses for you to get the best out of your advertising campaigns.

  1. Target audience’s interest

Trying to target your audience with just age a location is not an excellent choice. That is why you need to be specific about targeting. 

Best way to narrow down your audience  

  1. Find people who already want your product

You might find it creepy, but Facebook can tell what you have been searching on the web to buy.

73% of people’s research a product online before they purchase any item.

But the purchase consideration window is not that great. Which means you have week or less from the time people start shopping until they buy.

Even products that cost more than $500, 54% of people make their decisions in less than a week.

By the 2 weeks passed 75% of people made their decision.

Facebook already knows what people were searching for and position your ads to target them, as you guess it is pretty effective.

  1. Target people by their income level

Do you have luxury products which only people who make more than 100k a year, or are you selling something a student might want to buy?

Facebook allows you to target people through their 30 types of financial behaviour. Tis is great option so you are targeting people only who can buy your products.

4.People who have seen you before

It is very rare for someone to purchase a product for the first time they arrive to your site.

98% of people wont purchase a product for the first time they come to your site.

Facebook will target ads to people based on store visits, offline  purchases, calls to businesses

Even if you create a really amazing ad campaign there might be million other reasons people might not purchase.

And that is OK!

If somebody has checked out your product page you know that there is some interest for your product.

Buy how to turn them into buyers?

By creating a custom audience you can target people who have viewed your product page and this might trigger people to purchase your products.

When creating a custom audience you should only include people who visited your product page and did not complete the purchase.

Although remember to exclude people who are already customers.

5.Referral programs

Facebook ads can encourage people to repeat their purchases, and more than that they can encourage your customers friends to convert to customers.

Announcing our new Facebook Homeowner Referral Program | JohnAmardeil.com


By using Facebook ads, promote your referral programs.

People usually pay more attention to an attractive pop up on Facebook than an email newsletter.

You can offer discounts to your customers for sales they made happen.

6.Promote more content

When done well content marketing and Facebook ads can be a powerful combination.

You should create content for every single stage in your sales funnel. Then you can promote that content to your target audience, which might be a lot more effective.

Showing different content to different people is a lot easier with Facebook ads.

Remember that the more time someone interacts with your brand the greater the chance of them purchasing.

 7.Lookalike audiences

If you happen to have a few hundred customers you can build a lookalike audience on Facebook.

This group of people will resemble your current or previous buyers.

The larger and more  detailed your customer list is, the more accurate your lookalike audience will be.

What is a look alike audience?

Lookalike is basically people who have similar interests like your customers. This means there is a huge chance for them to become customers too.

If your content has been successful with your current customers there is a good chance of you being successful with them too.

 This is great because you can create personalized content for them. Personalizing your content can increase conversion rates up to 89%.

8.Use contests to make sales

7 Types of Facebook Contests - CrayonPanda

Contests on Facebook are great way to make sales.

People love winning stuff obviously.

Whizzbangs is a good example-

If you notice they did not say to get free lunch they are giving away $30 of food which looks a lot more valuable.

If you have seen something like this and did not win the contest, it is still enough to make you crave for a burger.

This type of contests can still work for ecommerce businesses.

Just make sure you follow Facebook’s rules for contests.

9.Leverage offers

Here is another opportunity for you.

They are no longer free to run on your page but, they are still a great way to get most out of facebook.

Offers are so valuable because people will need to come back to your site to redeem them. And it is a potential chance of increased revenue.

You can directly create an offer where you normally post status updates.

10.Create product gallery

You can showcase your products on facebook directly to your audience. And you just need to create a product gallery.

Giving your audience an opportunity to buy from you without even leaving the facebook is a great option.

If you are using shopify, it is very easy to integrate with facebook’s product gallery.

Flexify: Facebook Product Feed – Ecommerce Plugins for Online Stores –  Shopify App Store

11.Write great copy

Copywriting is really important when it comes to ads. You want to grab attention and engage with people. 

Facebook is too crowded and too noisy, you need to stand out to be noticed

Your copy and visuals should tell a story that engages with your ideal customer.

That is why using some emojis on your copy can be really useful.

There is a great way to maximise your clicks.

The 7 Facebook Ad Copywriting Strategies You Need to Test - Business 2  Community

12.Facebook ads for email sign ups

If you can combine remarketing with facebook, you can although combine with email marketing.

Offer something valuable for your audience with facebook lead generation.

We talked about the importance of email marketing for ecommerce. It is one of the most important asset for your ecommerce business.

13.Slideshow ads

Here is the fact everyone loves slideshows.

Slideshow ads is a great way to catch peoples attention and you can show multiple images onn your ads.

Facebook call it the “carousel format” which allows you to add up to 5 images and videos.

14.Live video in Facebook ads

Facebook live ads is a just another undisputable amazing feature it is one of the best PPC system out there.

It is not hard to realise that video ads are a great way to make people click through that we all should be using.

Everyone is on with watching a 30 second video instead of reading 30 second ad.

What are facebook live ads?

Most facebook users now have seen  the video mid-roll ads, which is certain video ads will interrupt some organic videos.

 Mastering facebook live video ads will give you a huge advantage for your facebook ad campaigns.

15.Call people to action

People usually tend to respond to CTA buttons.

And facebook offers 9 different CTA buttons that you can use on your page.

I am guessing that you will need to use “Shop now” button for your ecommerce brand.

Now this might sound obvious and simple but, you would be surprised that how many businesses mess this up. Your text, headline, description, and call-to-action need to be consistent without being repetitive.

16.Video ads

So here is the deal we talked about that you should use amazing visuals on your ads.

We talked about creating great looking images, but videos?

The truth is, you don’t need to be amazing video editor or cameraman.

You can create animated videos for free with Animaker or there is a premium tool called Vyond. These tools are basically Canva for video they are really easy to use.

What is the role of Facebook in e commerce?

The biggest e-commerce use for  Facebook has been to drive traffic make sales for ecommerc websites through ads, or by posting deals or new products on Facebook. Retailers have also placed Facebook’s “Like” button on their own sites as a quick way for users to automatically create links on Facebook.

What kind of ads work best on Facebook?

Video ads. Evrybody loves a good video that engages with them. But it is although important that who sees them.

Do Facebook ads work for Shopify?

They do! An they work a lot better with facebook pixel.

How do I use eCommerce on Facebook?

1. Use Dynamic Product Ads
Upload your product catalog to Facebook Business Manager. …
Add a custom audience pixel to your site. …
Create a dynamic template. Facebook will automatically populate it with the right products and associated info. …
Set up Display Product Ads in the Power Editor

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