Content marketing for ecommerce : NO1 guide with examples

Do you want to get consistent sales? Make loyal customers? Dominate your niche?

It all sounds too good to be true But it is true. If you implement this marketing method to your business you are going to be a rockstar.

Most of businesses rely on ads and interrupting people to get sales. The problem with this is that most of people simply don’t care about your interruptions and move on.

Why? Because they don’t trust or even know you. Now let me explain-

Imagine a good-looking man gets dressed and goes to a bar. She walks up to a woman and asks directly to marry him.

Gues what happens 99% of answers are no!

Interruption marketing is just like that you expect people come up and directly buy from you.

This is not a successful marketing method. İs it ?

Proposal Rejection Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

Scenario 2. 

This same man goes to bar again, walks up to a woman and asks her on a date.

See that? Now he makes it a lot easier to get “Yes” And probably most of the answers are “Yes”.

And if this man is patient enough after some dates they may decide to marry.

This is what you should be doing. Now your date is the content that you should promote.

Once the  right people engage with your content and find it good they will want more. And later on they decide to buy and they become royal, life-long customers.

This is what you exactly want because nowadays it is a lot harder and expensive  to get new customers. 

That is why you should be using content marketing for your ecommerce store.

What is content?

What is e-commerce marketing with content? Great question

Content is literally everything on the internet like Blog posts, YouTube videos, Tweets, infographics and so on.

Internet is literally made up of content. That is why you need to be producing useful content for your audience.

“Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”

And guess what, it is a lot more effective than pitching your products to people.

How to use content to grow your ecommerce business?

There are a lot of ways you can use content as an ecommerce business. But most important thing is that you need to produce content that is truly great and useful to your audience.

And you can recommend your products or services on that content which leads to a lot more sales.

But the reality is what works for other businesses might not work for you. Content marketing campaigns will differ from industry or niche.

15 Ecommerce Content Marketing Strategies to Maximize Growth

Ecommerce content marketing process

Now before you start uploading that YouTube video or blog post you need to know that content you put out needs to have a goal and most importantly a why?

Now what I mean by a goal is not a goal for you or for your business you should have goal fir the audience of people reviving your content. 

What kind of value your content will bring to the customer you need to have clear goals for your customers.

More than that you need to have the WHY? Simon sinek has this great quote-

People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it

Bootstrap Business: Simon Sinek Quotes

But before we jump on how you can use content marketing for your ecommerce store lets view some examples.

What should you talk about?

Best topic ideas are the challenges that your target audience has and how you can solve them this what brings the real value for the customer.

“If you can introduce your prospects to free content that immediately helps to solve some of their problems, you’ll give them a hell of a lot more confidence in choosing you when it’s time for them to invest in a paid tool, solution, or resource on the subject at hand.”

Now the question is how you are going to know what are challenges that your customers face.

How To Actually Market Your Content Marketing Initiatives

There are several ways to know this like-

Ask your audience

Interviewing your existing audience about their biggest challenges and hardships can give you a lot of information that you can use for your content.

This can be really useful for your products prioritizing features  in the long run.

Your competitors might know

What kind of problems do your competitors are solving with their content.

What type of content are they putting out for their audience?

Your own experience

You probably did not built your business with no industry experience?

Chances are, you’ve got some unique experience and insights to share through content, with others in your audience who want to replicate your success or achieve a result you’ve gotten.”

Sometimes thinking out of the box can really help your content marketing.

Types of content for ecommerce marketing

Now that you understand what content is we can move on to the types of content you can use.

Remember that not all types of content won’t be a good choice for your business. Content may differ depending on your target audience and remember to choose a content form that won’t be pain in the ass to create because, you might spend a lot of time on it.

Top Content Marketing Trends You Can't Ignore In 2019 - MI

Social media content 

Social media is one of the best place for content marketing it is obvious because your target audience is probably there.

First you should identify where your target audience spends their time the most.

Social media might be just one facet of your content marketing strategy it it is too important.

  1. Instagram 
22 Ways to Get More Instagram Followers Right Now

 Instagram is a visual driven platform. If you got tons of great pictures of your products you should consider this option in your content marketing strategy.

  1. Twitter 

This platform is good if your products and niche is information and text driven.

Twitter is although a good way to letting your audience know about new content istead of emailing them every time.

  1. Facebook 

Now, this is the biggest one, 1.69 billion people to be exact. Your target audience is probably out there waiting for you.

You probably will have really loyal audience on facebook.

“Also, if you are looking to get real-time feedback or do real-time teaching then you may want to consider Facebook Live as they handle all of the technical aspects of running a live video session.”

  1. Pinterest

Another social media platform that heavily focused on visuals. Not to forget pinterest have the most valuable audience for ecommerce stores.

  1. Linked in 

If your target audience is professional and business minded people linked in is a must for you.

  1. Youtube 

This platform is a lot different than others social media channels. People literally love a good and useful video.

But, even making high quality videos might require some investment it is definitely worth it and you will have a sweet ROI.

How to Hack YouTube SEO - 26 Tactics for Gaining Top Results


Blogging is one of the most popular type of content not to mention it has incredible SEO benefits.

And there is billions of searches done everyday, 5.6 billion to be exact and that number is just going to increase. It is an incredible traffic opportunity.

7 Ways Businesses Benefit from Blogging

Not to forget there are ways to scale your lead generation through blogging.

And if you are using Shopify content marketing, there is a built in blogging feature that you can leverage.

Guest blogging

Guest blogging on similar high authority website is a necessary for your SEO results.

Those back links you get from high authority websites will increase your domain score and increase sweet search engine traffic.

Guest Blogging: What is It and What is It for? - Glossary

Find high authority websites in your niche and ask them for guest posting opportunity.

Dont forget to add few links to your own website so you can have some SEO benefits.

PPC ads for your content

If your site is new and not very popular, you probably don’t get that much traffic. But if you have some cash, you might want to consider PPC ads until your site gains some traction.

PPC Adevrtising Techniques - Clematis Advertising

The key is choosing the right PPC platform. That is why you need to know where your target audience hangs out.

Original and unique photos

One of the biggest online shopping hardships is that customers can’t touch and feel products physically.

That is why they heavily need to rely on visuals.

Getting Started With eCommerce Photography - WooCommerce

Don’t just rely on pictures from your suppliers, this is not a good idea for your branding since other ecommerce brands might although use same white background images.

Instead, hire a freelance photographer and send products to them or if you can’t afford it order products for yourself and take photos yourself. Smartphones can take really high-quality images too.

Video content

If you want to move your visual game to the next step and improve your retail content strategy video might be what you looking for

Images are necessary but they are kind of limited. Videos on the other hand can tell the full story. These metrics show the impact of video.

More videos people watch online about a product online, higher the average order value is.

To add more, 90% of customers say videos help to form their buying decisions. 54% of customers say that they want  to see more videos from brands. 

And don’t forget that videos on landing pages can increase conversions by 80%. Just adding “video” to email subject can increase open rate by 19%

10 NEW Best Practices for How-To Training Videos | DigiNovations

Types of video-

  • How to videos
  • Product demonstrations
  • Brand advertisements
  • Interviews
  • Animations
  • Live video broadcasts

You can take video even further. Alpha.m who happens to dominate mens fashion niche does this almost better than anybody else. He although recommends a lot of products that increases the sales since videos he is doing are super high quality.

You might not need to have millions of subscribers be an influencer but it is definitely helpful.

Product buying guides

Product buying guides can be as essential as blogging since both can drive massive amount of organic traffic. 

Now the difference between guides and blogs is that they target different types of people.

David Bullock - Product Designer - PlumbNation · Buying Guides MVP

As example blog posts target people who are at the top of the funnel, which means they don’t know much and they are here to learn.

But when it comes to product guides they target people who are at the middle of the funnel, which means they are comparing products to make the best choice.

Email marketing

Email marketing isn’t just ecommerce specific. But it works, and it is too good to be true.

So much so that, latest studies show email marketing ROI up to 4,400%

Email marketing is a great way to drive consistent traffic to your site. That ids another great reason to start collecting emails as soon as possible.

But not all marketing emails are created equal. There acre certain types of emails for certain purposes, 11 types to be exact.

  1. Welcome emails is great way to start engaging with customers
  2. Curation emails can be used to drive attention to your new content
  3. Engagement emails are great way to beat the competition in customers inbox
  4. Referral emails is especially useful for ecommerce businesses
  5. Discount emails get your audience excited
  6. Cart abandonment emails remind customers to complete their purchase
  7. Order confirmation email gives confidence to your customers
  8. Upsell email can encourage customers to buy something more expensive
  9. Win back emails are necessary get customers interest back 
  10. Survey emails create better user experience
  11. Thank you emails is essential to keep customers loyal

We have a full guide on email marketing for ecommerce, so check it out !

Best part is it is totally free to do and you can promote your content and products for free.

User generated content

Sometimes you don’t need to get your hands dirty in a long content creation process, your users can create enough content like testimonials, reviews or case studies.

These can be in text format, instagram posts, or even blog posts. Displaying them on your website can increase trust for your new customers.

Want to build trust with customers? Use user-generated content

And if you have enough testimonials you should create a landing page dedicated to testimonials.

These testimonials fall under the category of “bottom of funnel”.

At this point consumers are close to converting this testimonials can be the deciding factor for them.

Interactive content 

The goal of interactive marketing is all about bringing a personalized touch to the consumer. 

Perfect example would be beardbrand

What you see is an original photo of three men with different beards.

And more importantly their CTA button does not say “buy” or “shop” they have used creativity and added a quiz which helps consumers choose best products for them and tis makes people confident about purchasing that products.

Retail content marketing examples


40% Off ProFlowers Promo Code September 2020 – Coupon & Sales at Pro Flowers

Here is the over the top example of ecommerce content strategy.

They have created a list of 151 types of flowers which is possibly the best ecommerce content out there.

Results are pretty obvious. They are able to get 17,000 free search engine traffic to their content marketing for retail.

Their content marketing choice is an awesome choice for their particular niche since people who buy flowers for their loved ones will need to buy them again every year.

This brand is killing it with content marketing.

Bespoke Post-

Bespoke post is an ecommerce business for hipster men. 

As you see bespoke post gets incredible amount of traffic because of their well targeted blog posts. Not to mention they although have domain score of  78.

Most of the posts are DIY content, that is helpful to their audience.

Northern brewer-

When your ecommerce shop is in a niche that requires a lot of know-how for customers there is a big requirement for educational content.

For example northern brewer has done this with their blog. They have fully featured “learn to brew” knowledge base. 

Even their content are nothing crazy extraordinary high quality content drives incredible amount of high quality search engine traffic.

Conclusion of Content marketing for ecommerce

Today we cowered Content marketing awesome way to dominate your niche. Dont be afraid of using paid ads if you don’t have great seo yet but make sues you are on that way.

Remember that content marketing requires consistency. Stay consistent to this strategy and do the best you can in terms of quality.

When you implement these tips to your ecommerce content marketing strategy you are going to dominate your niche

Hope you liked this post if so make sure to share and comment!

What is ecommerce content?

Ecommerce content is used to attract taget audience without adwertising. These cı-ontent might be blog posts, video tutorials and etc…

What is content in content marketing?

Content marketing is a srtrategic marketing approach of creating and didtrubuating valuable content for the target audience.

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